Pamela Anderson is our spirit animal

She’s the iconic bombshell who defined our generation, yes – this is Pamela Anderson for Missguided. Introducing her as our brand new mega babe of Missguided, the 90s pin-up is our ultimate girl power hero, as an empowered, sexy but strong confident female with an epic life story to tell –  she embodies everything we champion at Missguided. Slaying as the star of our campaign, we get to know Pamela as the real woman behind the pin-up persona who’s on a quest to save the world and look back at just why this woman is so iconic.

yes, this is Pamela
Anderson in Missguided

…we know right


“I never felt beautiful, I always felt like a strange creature”


what’s blonde, sexy and red all over?


Pamela Anderson in a Missguided swimsuit


“beauty to me is an internal heat, it’s not skin deep – it is ageless and mystical”


Pamela on film

Watch her slay…

20 reasons why Pamela Anderson is our spirit animal

We look back at Pamela’s most iconic girl power moments…

what’s your spirit animal?

Pamela’s our spirit animal but who’s yours? Take the test to find out, just click the image below.

  • Question #1: Are you cool AF?

  • Obvz

  • ha, nah

  • Question #2: Do you love pink?

  • YES

  • ugh, no

  • Question #3: Are you more ...

  • Paris

  • Nicole

  • Question #4: "My heels are higher than my standards"

  • So true

  • No way

  • Question #5: Do you slay?

  • I slay

  • I try

  • Question #6: Did you wake up like this?

  • er'day


  • Question #7: On a scale of 1 to Kanye, how big is your ego?

  • Off the Kanye scale

  • not at all

  • Question #8: How drunk are you right now?

  • not very

  • sifr4 f7e

  • Question #9: Who would you prefer your BFF to be?

  • Beyonce

  • Rihanna

  • Question #10: If you were a celeb body part, what would you be?

  • Kim K’s bum

  • Kylie Jenner’s lips

  • Your spirit animal is:

presenting the iconic Pamela Anderson…